The exploration of color combinations and their relationship to abstract compositions form the basis of my work. The love of surprise and the urge to experiment are what motivate me.  What might happen if I change these colors or move these collage pieces around? This search is expressed in abstract paintings that contain a strong feeling element evoked by vivid colors. When using oil paints, rather than mix colors before I begin, I create color combinations on the canvas by spreading paint from one color into another. Because oil dries slowly I can come back later to rework what I see by scraping through it and pushing the paint around. I have also explored this method using acrylic paint, but because fluid acrylics dry very quickly I have to work rapidly to allow the colors to blend.  

The conversation between me and what I see appearing on the canvas occurs very rapidly.  This process is different from working with oils, but just as fascinating in its surprises. When people view my paintings it’s natural for them to look for something known to try to understand what’s being communicated. However I hope that they will spend a few more minutes looking at the works beyond that first impression. An idea of something non-verbal, perhaps an intuition or a feeling, may evolve into a sense of relationship to the work.  Colors and forms that are just hinted at can create an unexpected outcome of understanding.


Sharon Hollensbe
Fairbanks, AK
June 2018

Two White Trees
10 x 8”